Rug and Carpet Stain Tips

Rugs and carpets can get expensive depending on the types so it’s always important that when you happen to stain it that you take the necessary measures to prevent damage.  Dealing with a stain can be difficult at times because there are many types and they need to be addressed in different ways depending on the fabric and the type of stain etc.


If you decide to tackle the stain yourself instead of calling your local Cornelius carpet cleaner, then there are a few things that you must do in order not to increase the damage.  The first thing is that you need to pick the right stain remover for the particular job.  Read the label very closely and look for warnings not to use that particular chemical on your carpet or rug.  The warnings are there for a reason and if they aren’t followed the damage could get worse.

A little trick that you can do if you’re not sure if its ok to use a certain chemical is to test it.  The way that you do this is to pick a random piece of the rug or carpet that is out of the way and kind of hidden.  Then you simply test the cleaner on that part and see if it has a negative effect.  Worst case scenario only a small part of the rug gets damaged.  If you decide not to go the chemical route then natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, club soda, ice cubes, borax and much more have been known to work but may not be enough for the tougher stains like pet urine in the carpet.

So now that you have a specific chemical that is right for the job the next step is to clean out all particles of dirt/debris from the area that you will clean.  The reason for this is that if some of the caked on dirt is rubbed and smeared into the rug it will end up creating an even bigger spot and a huge mess.  If the spill happens to be wet then make sure to blot it with a rag or paper towel to get all the excess liquid soaked up before you proceed.

Once you have removed as much of the stain from your rug or carpet then the next step is to just let it sit and dry for a day or so.

If you follow these tips you can definitely help to limit the damage to your rug or carpet.