Optimal Frequency For Professional Carpet Cleaning

vacuumingA very common question that people have is how often they should get their carpets cleaned professionally.  There is no cookie-cutter answer as it will depend on a variety of factors that will be outlined in this article.  A common misconception is that vacuuming is all that needs to be done, but in reality, vacuuming is not cleaning.  While it’s good to vacuum the carpets regularly it’s still necessary to have it cleaned professionally sometimes, and the warranty may even require this in order to stay valid.

Kids In The House

Kids have a natural tendency to make carpets dirty.  Whether it’s from playing outside and tracking in mud and dirt, or just everyday spills.  There’s no denying that families with lots of young kids will have to have the carpets serviced quite more often than those who don’t.

Carpet Pet Stains

Our pets are members of the family, but sometimes no matter how well trained they are accidents happen.  Pet stains require a little more work to get out than other types of stains and they need to be cleaned fairly quickly in order to stop bad smells and stains from happening.  Luckily at Lake Norman Carpet and Tile Care, we are experts in removing the toughest of stains.

Air Quality

Numerous things like dust, smoke, dander, pet hair and other small germs that float through the air, all play a factor in how fast the carpets get dirty.  If there is smoking indoors or a lot of pets, the carpet will get soiled faster than if there wasn’t as it is almost like a magnet for small particles and actually filters them for you, so it pays to take good care of it.  A scary fact is that air quality indoors can be up to 10 times worse than outdoors if the carpets and drapes are not taken care of.

Type Of Carpettype

The type will play a big role in how much dust and dirt gets trapped in it.  Shorter fibers will naturally trap less dust than longer ones, so if you have the option it might be a good idea to get the shorter fibers, although long fibers can be cleaned without too much extra hassle.


So overall it’s recommended to get your carpets professionally cleaned around every 2-3 months if there are kids and pets in the house.  If there are none and nobody in the house smokes then you might be able to get away with getting it done less often.  Have any questions?  Make sure to check out our homepage for more info.  http://www.lkncarpet.com/