Carpet Cleaning Companies – How to Choose One

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they will need the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.  Choosing a carpet cleaning company in Cornelius NC can certainly be a daunting task if you don’t know how to pick one.  There are a wide variety of companies that service the area, including us of course.  There are many different things that you have to consider before you make the decision and we will give you a few tips that should make the process a little bit easier.

Quality of Customer Service

Customer service is an aspect of business that is important not just with carpet cleaning companies, but every other type of business as well.  There are a lot of companies that have good customer service, but there are also a lot that don’t.  Ideally you want a company that will show up at the time that they say they will and be courteous when in your home.  We are proud to say that we excel in the area of customer service.

cleaning methodSystem of Cleaning and Expertise

Another thing to consider is how exactly the cleaning company gets the job done.  There are many different levels of skill and expertise in the industry and it’s important to pick a company that will care for your carpet so that it doesn’t get damaged.  Lake Norman Carpet & Tile Care only uses the latest and most advanced methods of cleaning to give your floors the deepest and longest lasting clean so you get more bang for your buck and don’t have to have it serviced as often.  All the products we use are also environmentally friendly so there is no damage to the environment with chemicals.


It’s very important not to choose a carpet cleaning company based solely on price.  There are a lot of companies out there that can actually damage your carpet and flooring in the long run as they use outdated and cheaper methods to cut corners.  We at Lkn Carpet are not only very fairly priced but we get the job done safely and efficiently.

Experience and Expertise

Tying in with previous points it’s important to hire a company that has years of experience in the carpet industry.  Failure to do so could end up damaging your floors in the long run.  A good way to see which companies are highly recommended is to check out the reviews on their website and what people are saying in the community about them.

cornelius nc carpet cleaningGuarantees and Customer Satisfaction

A telltale sign of a company that you should avoid is one that doesn’t guarantee their work.  A good company will stand by the work they do and make sure that the customer is always satisfied.  We are proud to say that we are one of the carpet cleaning companies in Cornelius NC that stands by their work and guarantees a job well done.

We hope that these couple tips enable you to pick the right company for the job.  Give us a call today and you will be glad you did.